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Hello Students,

Welcome to NRB HINDI. This NRB HINDI is specially designed for the students of Class 12th of Bihar Board, Patna. Those students who are still reading in class 12th or are to go in class 12th. They can get benefit from this Website. We have also launched an special App for NRB HINDI which gives you the best user experience to study well. You can download from Google Play Store.

Who Are We?

NRB HINDI has been developed by Jolly Lifestyle World. Our main motto is to help the students in their study only. This website is developed for educational purpose only.

We often see that students focus on all subjects but their focus don’t go on Hindi 100 Marks, due to which they are left behind in that subject and as a result their marks are reduced in the board examination. We also often see that students are busy in mobile in this modern era, due to which they are unable to pay attention. Therefore, seeing this, this website has been prepared, so that all of them can read this subject while playing.

Actually we firstly created a website or App for NRB HINDI 50 Marks, which was the compulsory subject till 2020 in the BSEB Board examination but BSEB Board has changed some rule or pattern in this subject. So, we updated this website or App with Hindi 100 Marks. We have also added all subject in this website/App because of student’s request.

So, Mind this one thing that, it’s not the website for HINDI 100 marks only but you can find your all subjects notes on this website today. All notes are being uploaded. We appreciate your patient.

Yes students! we are also adding an online test for all subject to make your concept more remembering continuously.

Meet with our Team

Shubham Raj

Anshika Verma

Maaz Ahmad

Have Queries?

If you want to ask any questions or want some notes that is not listed in our syllabus. You can send request by contacting us. 

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